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Annual Bean Bag Tournament!

The Durand American Legion Post 181 had its annual

Bean Bag Tournament on Saturday, March 11, 2017 at the Legion

Hall on Main Street. 26 teams competed in a double elimination

event. Cash Prizes were awarded to the top 4 winning teams.

The First Place team was Carter Ward and Cory Ward of Durand.

The Second Place team was Tom Fick and Jeff Moyer of Lake City MN.

There was also the Winners of the Big Raffle;

1. Lana Hayden - $500 Tire Certificateby Bauer Built.

2. Todd Anibas - 1/4 Processed Beef Donation by Bill Fedie Trucking andAnibas Acres.

     Processing Donated by Gunderson's and cooler donated by Countryside Co-op.

3. Sue Schade - $300 cash donated by Cindy and Larry Holmstadt in memory of Don and Vonny Konsela.

4. Chuck Davis - $100 cash donated by NorthsideAuto Service LLC.

5. Marge Berger - $150 cash Durand Dollars donated by Security Financial Bank.

6. Chad Johnson - 1/2 Processed Pork and Cooler donated by Lynn Wittig.

7. Marcia Harmon - $100 Gift Certificate donated by Adam's Super Service LLC.

8. Russel Berg - 2 Pre-season Packer tickets donated by Lone Pine Tavern.

9. Kelly Johnston - Jacket donated by Glaus Brothers Contracting.

10. BrianPrissel - Jewelry donated by Zales Diamond store.

11. Joyce Grochowski - $100 Gift Card donated by Corral Bar and Riverside Grill.

12. Dean Berger - $100 cash donated by Waumandee State Bank.

13. Orlin Berg - 5 Yards Landscape Rock, delivered and donated by Cemstone.

14. Joe Lieffring - Jacket donated by Bauer Plumbing and Septic.

15. Terry Pittman - $100 Gift Card donated by the Cell Block.

16. Dick Bignell - Jacket donated by Richardson - Koller Construction.

17. James R. Lien $100 Durand Dollard donated by Rhiel Funeral Home.

18. Derek Anbas - $100 cash donated by Richardson - Koller Construction.

19. $100 cash donated by Sam Milliren Trucking.

There were also several meat raffles & general raffles througout the day.

Food, Beer and Soda was also available.

Proceeds from the event help sponsor many activities for children & youth of the

Durand area, along with helping veterans in need.

Some of the things that the American Legion sponsors are; Durand youth legion,

baseball, Durand youth trap shooting team, Durand youth wrestling, Badger Boys State,

Durand Post Prom, Durand Graduation Party, Camp American Legion, Americanism,

Scholarships, High School Scholarships, Oratorical Contests and a

variety of other programs.

Members of the American Legion Post 181 - Durand sincerely thanks all those

who help sponsor & donate to this years annual Bean Bag Fundraiser.

We'll see you there again next year. Thank You!


Pepin County Veterans Memorial.

The Pepin County Veterans Memorial consists of 3 large black granite

stones with military veterans names. The memorial also consists

of the American, Wisconsin, MIA-POW flags along with 5 service flags.

There are also 6 smaller black granite stones with bronze plaques

honoring American veterans from WW1, WWII, Korea and Vietnam, Iraq wars,

and one plaque honoring all American veterans. This sits along the banks of the

Chippewa River, within the City Limits of Durand.

Come and enjoy the Pepin County Veterans Memoerial.


Theft Identity Theft Warning Theft

As you may be aware of already, older Vets and retirees are becoming increasingly

popular targets for identity thieves. The headaches, stress, and monetary losses that

come with being a victim can be life altering for families. One way identity theft can

be prevented is by enrolling in an identity theft protection service that will

prevent identity theft from ever occurring. Not only do identity theft services notify

you of suspicious activity, they also go as far as to monitor every bit of sensitive

information including bank info, credit card info, social security numbers, and even

addresses and names. Because of this and because the options for choosing an identity

theft protection service can get complicated, my team and I have worked hard to

develop a completely free resource that will help guide vets, retirees, and their

families in choosing an identity theft protection service that best suits their needs.

Our guide is filled with in-depth reviews, detailed comparisons, and expert ratings.

You can see our guide Here!


Here is a compilation of good sites for

information on Mesothelioma.

If you need some information or assistance concerning

learning about the causes and/or treatment for Mesothelioma,

check out these websites:

To see the Asbestos Group ClickHere!

or to go to The Mesothelioma Group,

There is also another great site to consider your legal options;

Mesothelioma Lawyer Center can be of great help to answer your questions.

Click Mesothelioma Fund for even more info from Mesothelioma Fund!

Click Mesothelioma Help Site to acces the Mesothelioma Help Organization.

And then we have another site, Mesothelioma.Net, that can offer information

on the Latest Mesothelioma Treatments, Resources, and the Asbestos Trust Fund.


Read this to learn more about help for Veterans

Mental Issues and Substance Abuse.

Many veterans struggle with stress and mental illness, which

increases their risk for developing substance use disorders.

Our goal is to spread awareness of substance abuse and to be an

informational resource for those impacted by alcohol and drug dependence.

Recently, we added a page that has specific information about veterans

and I believe that it would be a great resource to share.

Click HERE to see this information.



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